How to customize weapons and add attachments in Gray Zone Warfare

How to Effectively Utilize Weapon Attachments in Gray Zone Warfare

To fully optimize your gameplay in Gray Zone Warfare, understanding how to properly use weapon attachments is crucial. The game’s high level of realism demands precision in selecting and attaching various upgrades to your firearms. Here’s a guide on how to master the weapon attachment system:

To begin customizing your weapon in Gray Zone Warfare, simply press the Tab key to access the menu. From there, navigate to the Character tab and locate your inventory. Right-click on the weapon you wish to enhance and select Inspect to view a detailed sub-menu showcasing all the gun’s components.

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Within this menu, you’ll see the available slots on the weapon and the current attachments on the rails, muzzle, and other parts of the gun. Adding an attachment is as simple as dragging and dropping it into the appropriate slot. However, understanding the compatibility between attachments and weapons is the real challenge.

For instance, to attach an EXPS2 Holographic Sight to the M4A1, you must first remove the Carrying Handle to expose the top rail. The slot will illuminate when you drag the optic, indicating compatibility. On the other hand, if you want to use an ACOG 4x scope with the M4A1, you must leave the Carrying Handle intact.

Mastering the weapon attachment system in Gray Zone Warfare is a learning process that improves with familiarity. With numerous attachment nuances and some requiring dedicated mounts, experimentation is key to finding the optimal setups for your favorite firearms.

Where to Acquire Weapon Attachments in Gray Zone Warfare

In addition to scavenging for attachments in the game world, vendors in Gray Zone Warfare offer a variety of weapon upgrades for purchase. Gunny, a vendor specializing in firearms and accessories, is your go-to source for attachments and weapon parts. Investing in Gunny’s offerings can significantly enhance your arsenal.

As you progress through Gray Zone Warfare, you’ll unlock additional vendors, but Gunny will remain a primary contact for weapon-related transactions. Completing Gunny’s quests and other tasks will boost your vendor reputation and unlock more options for weapon customization.

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