How to heal every condition in Gray Zone Warfare

Stock Up on Medical Supplies in Gray Zone Warfare

No matter how careful you are in Gray Zone Warfare, you’re going to get shot. A lot. To prepare for the inevitable, you should stock up on medical supplies to treat any conditions that you become afflicted with after a deployment.

No matter what you need, Lab Rat‘s your go-to girl for medical supplies and healing items in Gray Zone Warfare. She sells everything from Bandages to Splints to all factions for just a few dollars, so it’s worth buying in bulk just in case. These medical supplies are surprisingly versatile and can remedy multiple ailments, so there’s no harm in buying a bunch.

How to Heal Every Ailment in Gray Zone Warfare

There are a ton of different conditions that you can become afflicted with in Gray Zone Warfare. Here are all the remedies that we know of so far! This guide will be updated as we become more familiar with life in Lamang.

HurtTreat wounds and then use Meloxicam or Ibalin.
In PainMeloxicam or Ibalin
ExhaustedStop sprinting and find somewhere safe to rest.
Out of BreathStop sprinting.
BleedingBandage or Tourniquet
FaintingHeal all wounds and then refill Blood, Hydration, and Energy meters.
FatiguedStop sprinting.
Sore ArmsStop shooting and rest your arms.
DizzyWater or Blood Bag
CoughingSuture Kit
Broken BoneSplint
Wounded OrganSuture Kit
InflammationMeloxicam or Ibalin
ComaSuture Kit

Remember that healing doesn’t happen automatically when you return to your faction’s base camp in Gray Zone Warfare. You still need to use your personal healing supplies from your stash or purchase whatever you need from Lab Rat. If you find that medicine is a bit too expensive, then try completing tasks for Lab Rat to level up your vendor reputation.

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