Merge Arena Tier List (May 2024)

Best Merge Arena Heroes Tier List

To streamline the process of identifying the top heroes in Merge Arena, especially if you’re a fan of PvP gameplay with a strong strategic element, our Merge Arena tier list is a valuable resource. Instead of spending hours analyzing which units are the most effective, simply refer to our tier list for a quick overview of the best heroes.

Analysis Process

In compiling this tier list, I carefully examined the decks of the top players in the game. The ranking of heroes is based on their presence in top-performing decks and how these decks outperform others despite variations in level and rarity. This means that even legendary cards can be ranked poorly if they underperform. With that criteria in mind, here is the definitive Merge Arena tier list:

S+Kitsune, Lava Girl, Snoozamander, Tech Golem
SAngel, Bastion, Boaris, Draco, Duckwing, The Griffon, The Monkey King
AEvil Eye, Genie, GunFlower, Gunslinger, Mako, The Gambler, The Gearhead, Treant, Witch Doctor
BAqua, Electric Mage, Lich, Mr Gray, Mummy Warrior, Nightmare, Rocky, The Paladin, Valkyrie
CArachne, Buddy, Crusader, Crystallix, Druid, Gorgon, Jester, Mimic, Shaman, Trickster, Warlock
DExecutioner, Franken, Huntress, Muerta, Plague Doctor, Slime, Succubus, Totem, Vampire
FAxe Thrower, Cannoneer, Fairy, Minotaur, Saboteur, Samurai, Viking
Merge Arena heroes tier list updated as of 5/3/2024

Most of the top-tier characters in Merge Arena belong to the Legendary rarity, with a few Epics showcasing highly useful skills. If you’re still building your collection, take a look at the lower tiers to see which heroes you have. Remember, your strategy plays a significant role in your success in the game.

With this comprehensive Merge Arena tier list, optimizing your deck for success becomes much simpler. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your hero roster to enhance your gameplay experience.

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