Where to find the car repair shop

How to Successfully Complete the Native Negotiations Task in Gray Zone Warfare

The Native Negotiations task in Gray Zone Warfare is the fourth assignment given by Lab Rat. She informs you that a local native is interested in joining your military efforts, but there’s a catch – you’ll have to pay him upfront. Despite the shady nature of the request, you must embark on this mission with a briefcase filled with cash to a local car repair shop nearby.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before setting out, ensure you pick up the briefcase from the command tent at your Main Base. The briefcase is located next to the helicopter landing spots. It’s a crucial step to avoid the embarrassment of having to return empty-handed via helicopter – trust me, it’s not a pleasant experience.

Gray Zone Warfare Briefcase
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With the briefcase in your possession, head towards the car repair shop, conveniently situated near the town’s entrance. Refer to the table below for specific coordinates based on the Faction you selected when launching the game:

Gray Zone Warfare Car Repair Shop
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Be prepared to face local militia before entering the shop; equip yourself with weapons and medical supplies for this encounter. Once the coast is clear, enter the car repair shop and locate the track on the opposite side of the station. Place the briefcase under the truck’s cabin as instructed.

Gray Zone Warfare Truck
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Upon completing the task, return to the main base to conclude the Native Negotiations assignment. Fortunately, there’s a Landing Zone nearby for fast travel back to your Main Base. Report back to Lab Rat to claim your rewards:

  • 3x CT medical supply
  • 3,400 USD
  • 400x Experience
  • 100x Lab Rat Reputation
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