How To Crossplay Sea Of Thieves With PS5 And Xbox Players

How to Play Sea of Thieves Crossplay on PS5, Xbox, and PC

Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Steps to set up crossplay and play with your Xbox, PC, and PS5 friends.

No matter your gaming platform – PS5, Xbox, or PC, crossplay enables you to play Sea of Thieves together. This feature allows you to enjoy the game with friends regardless of the platform they are on, even on the Steam Deck. Whether you’re exploring the vast open sea, looting treasures, or battling monsters, you don’t have to sail alone. The steps to set up crossplay are relatively simple, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start by linking your accounts. Ensure your Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam accounts are connected, or link only the platforms you and your friends use.
  2. In the Play tab, select Closed Crew. This option allows you to play exclusively with your friends.
  3. During your Session setup, choose “Confirm and Assemble a Crew”.
  4. Click on Invite a Friend.
  5. Your friends list should appear.
  6. Select your friend and click Confirm.
  7. Repeat the process for all your friends.
  8. Wait until everyone joins, then click Set Sail.

Remember, once you set sail, you cannot invite more friends, so ensure everyone is on board before embarking on your voyage. For a visual guide, you can also watch our video below:

That’s all you need to know about setting up crossplay to play Sea of Thieves with friends on PS5, Xbox, and PC. For more assistance with other aspects of the game, check out our guides on ship customization, achieving pirate legend status, and saving ship loadouts.