All Keepsakes in Hades 2, ranked best to worst

Hades 2 Keepsakes: A Ranking Guide

Keepsakes play a crucial role in Hades 2, influencing the outcome of your runs. Knowing which Keepsakes are the best can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Investing time into upgrading them can lead to even greater benefits. Here is a ranking of Keepsakes in Hades 2 that I believe you should prioritize.

Screenshot: PC Invasion
  1. Luckier Tooth (Schelemeus) – Automatically restore 51 health when you run out of health.
  2. Silver Wheel (Hecate) – Restore magick over 3 seconds after use, up to a total of 1,000 magick for the run.
  3. Aromatic Phial (Narcissus) – Fountains restore +20% health and turn your common boons rare.
  4. Transcendent Embryo (Primordial Chaos) – Gain a random Common Chaos blessing once a night, with the option to replace it every eight encounters.
  5. Knuckle Bones (Odysseus) – Decrease Guardian health by 5% and take 15% less damage from Guardians.
  6. Ghost Onion (Dora) – Fully restore health when exiting a chamber, up to a total of 50 over the run.
  7. Engraved Pin (Moros) – Become impervious for 10 seconds after hitting zero health and restore 30 health if no foes remain.
  8. Silken Sash (Arachne) – Gain +20 armor and receive +2 armor after each chamber while having at least 1 armor.
  9. Evil Eye (Nemesis) – Deal 20% damage to the last foe that defeated you.
  10. Metallic Droplet (Hermes) – Move, strike, and channel 20% faster for the next 200 seconds.

A Few Notes on Keepsakes

It’s important to note that each Keepsake in Hades 2 can be ranked up, improving its effects over time. Stick with a Keepsake you enjoy using to see it reach its full potential by leveling up. It typically takes about 25 runs to level up a Keepsake once and 50 additional runs to achieve its highest level.

Keepsakes can only be acquired by interacting with specific NPCs in Hades 2. Make sure to meet these NPCs during your gameplay and have Nectar ready to obtain new Keepsakes.