All Shinies locations in Little Kitty Big City

If you’re a fan of Game Pass, you already know it’s a fantastic deal with a selection of great games. But now, there’s a new addition that might just make it even better – Little Kitty Big City. This charming game allows you to step into the paws of a cat and go on a collection quest for Shinies. If you’re looking to track down all the Shinies, we’ve got you covered with this guide.

Little Kitty Big City: All Shinies locations

Searching for items in the game can be tricky, especially when you’re navigating the world from a tiny cat’s perspective. These elusive Shinies can pop up in random spots, making them a challenge to find. That’s where our guide comes in handy. Knowing the locations of all the Shinies in Little Kitty Big City can make your gameplay much smoother.

  • On top of the parking lot payment machine
  • In the corner from where you got the challenge, look for a blue car with a Shiny on top
  • On the left side of the main street, under a traffic cone
  • Another Shiny on the main street, next to a traffic cone
  • At the end of the main street, on the doorstep beyond the open gate
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Look for another Shiny on the corrugated roof above the first chameleon
  • To the left of the same roof, another Shiny can be found
  • Search in or around the building site for a Shiny under a traffic cone
  • Rummage through trash cans to discover three Shinies
  • Find two Shinies on the nest above the purple soccer goalpost
  • Locate a Shiny on the road leading up to the building site
  • Climb a pipe near the building site to find two Shinies
  • After assisting Tankuki the raccoon, you’ll receive a Shiny
  • Find a Shiny in the alcove next to the light green van
  • Two Shinies can be found on the stall roofs at the opposite end of the building site
  • Search for a Shiny under a cone near a blue vending machine
  • Look for a welcome mat near a building with green windows to find a Shiny

What’s the point of the Shinies?

Collecting Shinies is essential as they offer rewards when returned to the crow. These rewards come in the form of red fish, which may not mean much to us humans, but to our furry protagonist, it’s a gourmet meal. Consuming these red fish provides two key benefits – increased stamina for easier climbing and access to new areas of the map.

Hard Hat Location Little Kitty Big City
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With improved stamina, navigating back to your apartment becomes effortless, while access to new areas allows you to expand your exploration of the map. Excited to know if Litte Kitty Big City will arrive on PS5, Xbox, or Switch? Stay tuned for updates!

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