How To Get Nightshade In Hades 2

How to Grow Nightshade in Hades 2

If you want to make the most of your time in Hades 2, getting Nightshade should be a top priority. This valuable resource is essential for unlocking powerful Incantations as you progress through the game. Unlike other plants like Moly or Lotus, Nightshade is not something you can simply pick up off the ground. You’ll need to grow it yourself, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with a guide on how to get Nightshade seeds and use them effectively.

How to Get Nightshade by Growing Them in Hades 2

To get Nightshade seeds, you’ll need to use a Silver Spade on Digging spots that randomly appear in various rooms. Collect as many seeds as you can during your runs, and once your run ends, plant them in Soil spots to grow them. It typically takes about 5 encounters for a Nightshade seed to fully grow.

  1. Start by using the Flourishing Soil Incantation, which requires Moly x1.
  2. Incant the cauldron at the Crossroads.
  3. Once you have the Nightshade seed, plant it by pressing R1 or RB next to a soil spot.
  4. Equip the Silver Spade and search for Digging Spots in the Underworld. You can craft a Silver Spade for Silver x10 in the Gathering Tools tab at the Crossroads.
  5. Use your Silver Spade to dig out Nightshade seeds whenever you encounter a Digging spot, with a higher chance of finding Nightshade in Erebus.

How to Use Nightshade in Hades 2

Nightshade is primarily used as a resource for powerful Incantations, but it’s also needed to unlock Medea’s Aspect for Argent Skull. Here are the recipes that use Nightshade:

  • Weapon Aspect
    • Argent Skull: Nightshade x1 and Iron x4
  • Incantations
    • Abyssal Insight: Nightshade x2, Moly x2, Pearl x2, and Fate Fabric x2
    • Aspects of Night and Darkness: Nightshade x1 and Bronze x5
    • Doomed Beckoning: Nightshade x1 and Fate Fabric x3
    • Floral Fortune: Nightshade x1 and Ash x1
    • Necromantic Influence: Nightshade x5 and Psyche x5
    • Purification of Fountain-Waters: Nightshade x1 and Cattail x1
    • Rise of Stygian Wells: Nightshade x1 and Moly x1
    • Rite of Vapor-Cleansing: Nightshade x2, Moly x2, and Lotus x2
    • Unearthed Troves: Nightshade x1 and Limestone x5
    • Unraveling a Fateful Bond: Nightshade x2, Moss x2, Lotus x2, and Thalamus x2

Now you know how to acquire Nightshade in Hades 2 and make the most of its uses. And while you’re here, don’t forget to explore how to find other valuable resources like Nectar, Bones, and Cinder.