Stellar Blade Sales Put the Game Atop Charts in US and Japan

Sony’s Stellar Blade Dominates Sales Charts

Sony and Shift Up have not yet disclosed the official launch sales figures for Stellar Blade, but the game has already made a significant impact on the gaming industry. In Japan, Stellar Blade emerged as the top-selling new disc release for two weeks straight, ending on May 5. Moreover, the game outperformed Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves to claim the second spot in the PlayStation Store’s U.S. chart for the most downloaded games.

Challenges in Europe for Stellar Blade

The latest sales data from Japan, as reported by Famitsu and relayed by Gematsu, reveals that Stellar Blade managed to sell 67,131 physical copies during the period of April 22 to May 5. While this figure is commendable for Shift Up’s debut on the PS5 platform, Famitsu notes that the game’s physical copies quickly sold out in Japan due to limited stock rather than extraordinary demand.

In the realm of digital downloads, Sony’s North American PlayStation Store digital chart continues to be dominated by Helldivers 2, maintaining its top position. Stellar Blade made a strong entry at second place while Sea of Thieves secured the third spot.

However, European players displayed less enthusiasm for downloading Stellar Blade. The PS Store chart in Europe was led by Sea of Thieves, with GTA V and Helldivers 2 following closely behind. Stellar Blade had to settle for the fourth position in the European market.