How To Grow Thalamus In Hades 2

Obtaining Thalamus in Hades 2

The Thalamus in Hades 2 is a unique type of Greenery that is not as easily found as a Lotus or Moly. To acquire this elusive resource, you must grow it in Crossroads using Origin Seeds. While the Thalamus has limited use in the game, it is still crucial to progress through the main story. Here is how you can obtain Origin Seeds and ultimately harvest Thalamus.

How to Obtain Origin Seeds in Hades 2

Digging up spots to collect Origin Seeds. Image Credits to Quick Tips

Origin Seeds can only be found on the other side of the Chaos Gate, within the Chaos Realm. Access to the Chaos Gate is granted as you progress through the main storyline. Once inside the Chaos Realm, speak to the primordial Chaos to receive some Origin Seeds for free. Alternatively, you can discover the seeds by digging up spots using your Silver Spade.

How to Utilize Origin Seeds & Grow Thalamus in Hades 2

harvesting thalamus in hades 2
Harvesting Thalamus after growing it on Crossroads

After obtaining the Origin Seed, head to Crossroads and plant it in the soil. You can access two planting spots through the Flourishing Soil Incantation, which only requires 1 Moly to create. Once you have planted the Origin Seed in Crossroads, wait for 7 cycles to harvest Thalamus in Hades 2.

Applications of Thalamus

using Thalamus in Hades 2 for creating Unraveling of a Fateful Bond Incantation

Thalamus is essential for crafting an Incantation known as “Unraveling of a Fateful Bond”. This Incantation enables you to traverse the Surface without losing health, as the Surface is cursed and depletes your Health as you move around. By using the “Unraveling of a Fateful Bond” Incantation, you will become immune to this curse. In addition to 2 Thalamus, you will require 2 Lotus, 2 Moss, and 2 Nightshade to brew this Incantation at your Concoct.

The storyline later provides you with this Incantation, as challenges and quests await on the surface.

These steps outline how to obtain and utilize Thalamus in Hades 2. For information on gathering other resources like Deathcap and Cinder, refer to our guides.