Former Deviation Games devs form new Sony studio

PlayStation Forms New Studio with Former Deviation Games Developers

Reports have surfaced that PlayStation has established a new studio comprised of former Deviation Games developers. The co-founder of Deviation Games, Jason Blundell, is also said to be involved with this new venture.

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A post on the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit highlighted a message from former Deviation Games developer Michael Anthony on LinkedIn. He stated, “Hey, I hear that a lot of previous Deviation Games employees have setup their own studio at Sony working on an undisclosed new IP.

“All the people I see working there that have signed up are top class developers and hope that you can create a top class new IP with your studio that hopefully gives you all the time you need to create a quality product and not have to deal with red tape from previous projects.”

Ex-Deviation Games Technical Director says that former colleagues have set up a new internal Sony studio (Led by Jason Blundel, new IP)
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While details regarding Blundell’s involvement remain unclear and speculative, fans have connected recent announcements and discovered a tweet from Deviation’s former community manager. The tweet from December mentioned working as a junior game designer at a PlayStation studio under Blundell.

There has been no official confirmation from Sony regarding this rumored new studio. We will provide updates if there are any developments.

Deviation Games was established in 2022 by former Treyarch and Call of Duty developers, with Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony at the helm. However, Blundell left Deviation 18 months later, leading to the studio laying off around 90 employees in May 2023 due to a “difficult situation.” Eventually, in March 2024, the studio ceased operations.

The gaming industry witnessed over 9,500 layoffs in 2024, with an estimated 10,500 job losses in 2023 and 8,500 in 2022. Chris Dring, head of, recently explored the reasons behind the high number of layoffs in the video game industry.