One Year On, Has Everyone Beaten Ganondorf In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom?

Image: Nintendo Life

Recalling back to August last year when Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom had just been released for three months, the question asked was about the progress of completion percentage. With the vast expanse of the game, it was no surprise that 37% of respondents had not defeated the final boss, leaving them unaware of their completion status.

Ganondorf Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo

Fast forward nine months, it’s likely that many players have emerged victorious in an epic showdown with Ganondaddy and completed the most anticipated Nintendo game of 2023…

But has everyone? In conversations with the Nintendo Life team, it appears that some individuals have yet to engage in the final battle with TOTK’s formidable antagonist, even a year post-release. With the game’s expansive nature and numerous activities to engage in, the query arises on whether players have conquered Tears of the Kingdom or if it has taken a backseat in their gaming priorities. Or potentially, *whisper it*, abandoned altogether.

To commemorate the first anniversary, a check-in is being done to determine who on the team has achieved victory and who is still savoring the journey 366 days later. Spoiler alerts are inevitable in the discussion…

Alana Hagues, deputy editor

Ganondorf Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo

Admittedly, this may seem biased (as I reviewed the game), but yes, I have emerged victorious against Ganondorf. It happened over a year ago. Take that, Demon King. Was it a walk in the park? Absolutely not. I embarked on the battle woefully unprepared, unaware of the challenges that lay ahead. Unlike Breath of the Wild, where guides were available a few months post-launch, here I had to pave my own path on confronting Ganondorf. *gulp*

My initial attempt was… okay? I reached the second phase, shall we say. However, I had consumed all my Gloom-healing food en route to the boss, oblivious to the fact that Ganondorf’s attacks caused Gloom damage and permanent heart loss. I learned the hard way. Nevertheless, this setback did not deter me from trying again, and again. It had become a matter of pride by then. I was determined to defeat Ganondorf without relying on Gloom-healing items.

Ultimately, I relented, and had to gather Sundelions, purchase Gloom-resistant gear, and stock up on health-boosting provisions. Essentially, I needed to be patient and equipped with the right tools. Oh, and ensure my Master Sword was primed. On my final attempt, I successfully navigated through every phase.

In terms of completion percentage, I haven’t engaged with the game in about six months, hovering around the high 60% mark. It seems unlikely that I’ll reach 100% as there is an overwhelming amount of content to cover, risking the game losing its allure. I’ve made significant progress, with colleagues assisting in areas I hadn’t explored. I’m content with where I stand.

Ollie Reynolds, staff writer

Ganondorf Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo

Oh dear. I am fully aware that I may face criticism for this, but yes, I’ve veered off from Tears of the Kingdom once again. I did make an effort, I promise. There’s just something lacking in it that failed to captivate me like Breath of the Wild did, and now I doubt I’ll give it another shot.

So, no, dear reader, I have not bested Ganondorf. To provide context, I managed to conquer the Water Temple and the Wind Temple, and that’s as far as I got. I did take my time, accumulating about 60-70 hours (significantly more than most games I’ve played), but realizing how distant I am from completion has prompted me to keep it shelved indefinitely.

Apologies to Zelda, and apologies to Hyrule. I regret to say that I cannot come to your aid this time.