All Monopoly GO Events Today (May 13) – Full Schedule

Full Schedule of Monopoly GO Events (May 13)

It’s a flurry of activity in Monopoly GO this season, with January shaping up to be a bustling month filled with opportunities to earn rewards and participate in exciting tournaments. Get the lowdown on all the latest Monopoly GO events happening today with our comprehensive schedule.

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We’ve got you covered with every Milestone and Flash Event in a detailed schedule of Monopoly GO festivities to enjoy today. Here’s what’s on the agenda right now:

Habitat Heroes – This three-day event runs until May 16, 2024. Earn points and unlock rewards by landing on event pickups like train stations, Chance, and Community Chest.

Reef Rush – This two-day event runs until May 15, 2024. Your goal is to land on builder and robber versions of the Monopoly man.

Flash Events – Expect the following events today (May 13, 2024):

  • Mega Heist: None today
  • Wheel Boost: 8pm to 2am tomorrow ET, lasting 30 minutes
  • Free Parking: 2am ET to 8am ET tomorrow, lasting 45 minutes
  • High Roller: None today
  • Cash Boost: 8am to 2pm ET, lasting 30 minutes
  • Cash Grab: None today
  • Rent Frenzy: None today
  • Landmark Rush: 2pm to 8pm ET
  • Board Rush: None today
  • Builder’s Bash: 2pm to 8pm ET, lasting 30 minutes
  • Golden Blitz: None today
  • Sticker Boom: None today
  • Nocturnal Treasures: None today
  • Peg-E Prize Drop: None today

That sums up a full day in Monopoly GO! Seize every opportunity to earn points, unlock rewards, and level up as much as possible. For more information on Monopoly GO events and tournaments, don’t forget to check out our other guides.

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