How to use firecrackers in Dying Light (PC & Console)

Using Firecrackers in Dying Light

When it comes to items in games that are both timeless and reliable, firecrackers certainly fit the bill. Used in games for distractions, diversions, and even as stunning weapons, firecrackers have become a staple in the gaming world. In Dying Light, knowing how to use firecrackers effectively can make all the difference in surviving the zombie-infested world.

Regardless of whether you are playing on a console or PC, the basic method of using firecrackers in Dying Light remains the same. The first step is to equip the firecrackers to your quick slots after picking them up. On PC, you can assign items to your 1 through 4 buttons, while on console, you will need to use the D-Pad buttons. Simply open your inventory and equip the firecrackers to your quick bar.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

To use the firecrackers in Dying Light, select them using the relevant D-Pad button or number on your PC, and then press the designated use button in the game. For PC players, this is usually the middle mouse button, while console players would use the left trigger. This action will throw the selected item, which can be useful for various situations in the game.

Why Use Firecrackers?

Firecrackers in Dying Light serve multiple purposes when dealing with the zombie hordes. Firstly, they can be used as a distraction tactic to lure zombies away from your location. It’s important to throw them at a safe distance from where you intend to go to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Additionally, firecrackers can also be utilized to ignite oil spills and eliminate bomber zombies. This strategic use of firecrackers can help players take out dangerous enemies from a distance or create a fiery barrier between themselves and the approaching zombies.