Anime Crossover Defense Units Tier List (May 2024)

All Anime Crossover Defense Units Tier List

Deciding on an Anime Crossover Defense unit tier list can be a daunting task with the wide range of characters available. To assist you in selecting a strong loadout for endgame activities, we have ranked each unit based on their power, versatility, utility, and cost-effectiveness.

RankingUnit Name
SModoro, Time Maid, Broccoli, Rengogo, Butterfly
ADeo, Boulmi, Dark Invader, Bob, Byakari, White Moustache
BJoe, Curly Brows, Henry, Mosshead, Eric, Joe, Nirito
CSneaky Clone, Blossom, Peaceful Jeri, Ichytoe, Cat Burglar
Image Source: Fish Bean Studios via Twinfinite

Understanding the tiers can provide insight into the effectiveness of each unit:

  • S tier – These units possess powerful abilities that outweigh any drawbacks. They are essential for endgame activities and should be included in a well-rounded team.
  • A tier – While strong, these units may lack standout abilities. Factors like cost, speed, or range limitations should be considered when choosing them.
  • B tier – Ideal for mid-game and support roles, these units have limitations that affect their effectiveness in late-game situations or higher difficulty levels.
  • C tier – These units lack power to balance their weaknesses. Despite this, they are cost-effective options with diverse movesets for early game strategies.
Roblox Anime Crossover Defence Units Tier List 2024: A group of units defend against waves of enemies.
Image Source: Fish Bean Studios via Twinfinite

How To Get More Units in Anime Crossover Defense

Details on future unit additions to Anime Crossover Defense are currently unavailable. Considering the recent release of the game by Fish Bean Studios, it may be some time before new characters are introduced.

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