Dead By Daylight Spin-Off The Casting Of Frank Stone Gets Chilling Gameplay Trailer

First Gameplay Trailer Released for The Casting of Frank Stone

The highly anticipated narrative horror game set in the Dead By Daylight universe, The Casting of Frank Stone, has unveiled its first gameplay trailer. Developed by Supermassive Games, known for their work on Until Dawn, the game was initially announced at the 2023 Game Awards.

The game’s storyline takes place in 1980 in the town of Cedar Hills, a community plagued by the notorious killer Frank Stone. The narrative follows four friends who embark on a project to create a horror film at an abandoned steel mill known as Murder Mill. As expected, things take a terrifying turn, and players must navigate through the game by making decisions that impact the characters’ relationships and outcomes. Quick-time events add to the intensity, with split-second choices determining life or death scenarios for the characters.

Following the branching narrative structure of Supermassive’s previous titles like The Quarry and the Dark Pictures Anthology, The Casting of Frank Stone offers players multiple paths to explore based on their choices. In addition to decision-making, players will need to solve environmental puzzles and uncover clues to delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding Cedar Hills.

While an official release date for The Casting of Frank Stone has not been announced yet, the game is slated to launch later this year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.