Ayn’s new gaming handheld looks like a PSP, and it might just fill the hole in your heart left by Sony’s best portable

Ayn Technologies Unveils New Handheld Gaming Device

Ayn Technologies’ previous handheld, the Ayn Odin 2, received rave reviews for its performance and control, establishing itself as one of the top PC gaming handhelds in the market. The company has now introduced its latest handheld device, which represents a departure from the Odin 2.

While specific details about the new device are still scarce, a report from Notebookcheck has provided some insights into its specifications. The upcoming handheld is expected to weigh only 320g, making it 31% lighter than the Odin 2 and 9% lighter than its competitor, the Ayaneo Pocket S.

The device will feature a mini-LED screen with 1,100 nits peak brightness, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and a 155% sRGB color gamut. One notable detail is that the new handheld will not run Windows, suggesting that it will likely operate on the Android operating system, although an official confirmation from Ayn Technologies is pending.

This Portable Might Continue the PSP’s Legacy

Ayn’s latest handheld aims to fill a significant gap in the handheld gaming market that was left behind by Sony’s PSP, a hugely successful portable device with over 80.79 million units sold worldwide. The new handheld bears a striking resemblance to the PSP and is expected to cater to gamers interested in playing smaller-scale titles and exploring solid emulation options for retro games.

While the compact size of the upcoming model may impact performance, it is likely to attract gamers looking to play indie titles, AA games, and emulated retro games at a more affordable price point compared to other PC gaming handhelds. This device could resonate well with those who had hoped for the PS Vita to continue the legacy of the PSP but were left disappointed.