Hades 2: All Bosses Guide

When playing Hades 2, it’s important to remember that each boss is an obstacle that must be overcome in order to reach Chronos, the final boss. Although upgrading your stats, weapons, and Grasp can make you stronger, learning the movesets of the bosses is crucial for longer runs. Here are some tips for facing some of the major bosses in Hades 2:

Hecate, Witch of the Crossroads

Hecate, Witch of the Crossroads, is the first boss you will encounter in Hades 2. To defeat her, you can use the terrain to your advantage by dealing damage to her near the scattered trees in the arena. Here are some specific strategies for dealing with Hecate:

  • Take advantage of her ground AoE attack to hit her with ranged or Omega attacks.
  • Watch out for her ranged arc projectile attack and find the real boss among the illusionary clones.
  • When she teleports to the middle of the arena, focus on defeating the witch minions to drop her invulnerable state.
  • Beware of her new spell, Hex, that can turn you into a sheep.

Scylla and the Sirens

Scylla, the boss of the Oceanus zone, will be accompanied by two mini-bosses who share the same health bar. Here are some tips for defeating Scylla and her band:

  • Focus on defeating the stationary drummer first to limit the fighting space.
  • Watch out for the guitarist’s stun and AoE attacks.
  • Beware of Scylla’s various dangerous moves, including her basic attack, scream, laser, and slow-tracking projectile.

Infernal Cerberus

Infernal Cerberus is a semi-stationary boss with plenty of AoE attacks. Here are some strategies for defeating Cerberus:

  • Stay on the move to avoid his simultaneous attacks.
  • Beware of his double-fisted slams and fireball attacks.
  • Track the shadows on the ground to avoid his barrage of tiny projectiles.

Chronos, Titan of Time

Chronos, the final boss of Hades 2, is a formidable opponent with devastating attacks and time-manipulating abilities. Here are some tips for facing Chronos:

  • Learn to dodge his various attacks, including his melee slash, scythe throw, and time bubbles.
  • Defeat his summoned minions to continue the fight.
  • Adapt to his new attacks in Phase 2 of the fight, including exploding arenas and time bubbles.

The Cyclops Polyphemus

Polyphemus is a slow but powerful boss you will encounter in the surface levels. Here are some strategies for defeating him:

  • Avoid his various AoE attacks, such as his slam and earthquake.
  • Watch out for his grab attack and try to burst down his health before he can heal.

Eris, Strife Incarnate

Eris is a secret boss of the surface world known for her lethal attacks. Here are some tips for facing Eris:

  • Avoid her increasing damage output as her health decreases.
  • Dodge her Adamant Rail and shotgun arrow attacks.
  • Watch out for her gas bombs and missile barrages.