Best Weapons in Mullet Mad Jack, ranked

Mullet Mad Jack: Evaluating Weapon Choices

The weapons you choose to wield in Mullet Mad Jack can be the deciding factor between success and failure in your gameplay. Some weapons may help you breeze through levels, while others may require more skill and finesse. To ensure you are making the best weapon selections for your playstyle, it is essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each option available.

Rail Gun

The Rail Gun in Mullet Mad Jack is a formidable weapon known for its high damage output. However, its slow rate of fire can prolong boss battles. Despite this drawback, the Rail Gun is effective against regular enemies, especially when precision shots are executed. Pairing the Rail Gun with a headshot upgrade can further enhance its performance by providing a life steal mechanic.

Image: HAMMER95

Machine Gun

For swift and efficient enemy takedowns, the Machine Gun shines as a powerful SMG option. While it excels in rapid fire situations, having the right upgrades is crucial for maximizing its potential. Enhancements like the Bigger Clips upgrade can increase magazine capacity, reducing reload times and increasing overall effectiveness. Despite its smaller clip size, the Machine Gun remains a potent choice even without additional upgrades.

Plasma Gun

The Plasma Gun, a more advanced version of the Rail Gun, offers automatic firing capabilities for seamless combat encounters. With no risk of overheating, players can maintain continuous fire to steadily chip away at enemy health. However, the Plasma Gun may struggle against larger foes, as its damage output is more gradual compared to other weapons.


When faced with enemies in close proximity, the Shotgun becomes a valuable tool for creating space and eliminating threats quickly. Its ability to dispatch foes in one or two shots makes it ideal for aggressive gameplay styles prevalent in Mullet Mad Jack. Additionally, the Shotgun proves to be a formidable choice against bosses, offering a faster solution compared to the Plasma Gun and Machine Gun.

Mullet Mad Jack Using A Shotgun On A Boss

It’s easy to see why the soundtrack of Mullet Mad Jack is gaining popularity among players. The anticipation for its full release is palpable, promising an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

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