How to beat Siriks of House Salvation in Zero Hour Exotic Mission in Destiny 2

How to Overcome the Final Boss of the Zero Hour Exotic Mission

Siriks of House Salvation is a formidable foe in the Zero Hour mission of Destiny 2. With a range of lethal attacks and the need to handle multiple threats simultaneously, defeating Siriks requires skill and strategy. Here’s a guide on how to beat this challenging boss:

Phase One

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When you engage in the battle, it’s crucial not to focus solely on Siriks. The arena is filled with reinforcements positioned around the edges, many of whom wield long-range weapons. Prioritize eliminating these threats before turning your attention to Siriks.

Siriks is known to teleport frequently, but as you whittle down his health, he will summon a pair of Servitors.

Defeat the Servitors

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The Servitors pose a significant danger due to the Sniper Shanks that accompany them. Utilize a long-range weapon to pick off the Servitors from a safe distance and then deal with the Shanks.

Once both Servitors are vanquished, Siriks will reappear, and a new wave of reinforcements will join the fray when his health drops below half.

Defeat the Walkers

How to beat Siriks of House Salvation in Zero Hour Exotic Mission in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

After Siriks teleports away, two Walkers will materialize at the rear of the arena. Take cover behind the boxes to evade their attacks and focus on defeating them one by one. These Walkers possess formidable health but offer no surprises in terms of abilities.

Once both Walkers are defeated, you will have completed half of the battle.

Phase Two

Phase 2
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As you enter the second phase of the battle, you’ll encounter Siriks in an armored Brig, surrounded by reinforcements. Prioritize dealing with the mobs while evading Orbital Lasers by staying on the move. If you notice fiery effects, relocate to avoid being bombed.

For a safer vantage point, position yourself in the Hangar at the back of the arena. Keep your distance to land critical hits with precision, using the Polaris Lance recommended earlier.

With the right strategy, teamwork, and the right weapons, defeating Siriks is achievable within a reasonable timeframe. Stay focused, prioritize your targets, and make the most of your arsenal to emerge victorious in the Zero Hour Exotic Mission of Destiny 2.

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