How to escape TR3-VR in Zero Hour Destiny 2

Escape TR3-VR in Zero Hour Destiny 2

TR3-VR is the frightening machine that patrols the rat run in the Zero Hour Exotic Mission. This encounter can be challenging if you’re not prepared, so let me provide some assistance on how to escape TR3-VR in Zero Hour Destiny 2.

Navigating the Maze

The maze can be tricky to navigate as every wall looks identical, and jumping to get a better view is not an option. Luckily, a layout of the maze is displayed on a screen just before you enter.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The map of the maze reveals that it’s not as complex as it appears. The maze is symmetrical, with a large chasm indicated by a horizontal line across the middle that you can jump across. Your objective is to activate four switches in the maze, marked by red triangles on the map.

After flipping all the switches, a door will open for your escape. Working with a friend can speed up this section as you can each cover a side. However, TR3-VR will make your task more challenging.

Dealing with TR3-VR

Here’s the interesting part: you can’t actually defeat TR3-VR. It’s invulnerable, and the only way to “beat” it is to avoid it. The red light on the front of TR3-VR gives away its location well before it poses a threat.

If you spot the red light, try breaking the line of sight by running around a corner or hiding in one of the vents scattered throughout the maze. While dying doesn’t have dire consequences as you respawn at the entrance, it does waste valuable time.

To overcome this section of the mission, communicate TR3-VR’s location to your teammates. Be cautious of the Arc Barriers in the area, waiting for them to deactivate as TR3-VR can pass through them.

How to escape TR3-VR in Zero Hour Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While speed is essential in Zero Hour, it’s recommended to take your time navigating the maze. Successfully escaping without dying can unlock a cool Triumph. Once you’ve made it out of the maze, you’re one step closer to the final boss battle. The Polaris Lance is a fantastic weapon for the encounter, but any long-range gun will suffice.