Microsoft is launching its own Xbox mobile game store, offering titles like Candy Crush and Minecraft

Microsoft Plans to Launch Xbox Mobile Game Store in July

Microsoft is gearing up to enhance its mobile gaming presence with the upcoming launch of an Xbox mobile game store in July. This news was revealed by Xbox president Sarah Bond during a recent interview at the Bloomberg Technology Summit.

Xbox First-Party Portfolio and Third-Party Titles

Sarah Bond expressed Microsoft’s intention to feature their “own first-party portfolio” in the store, suggesting titles like Candy Crush and Minecraft, along with offerings from third-party partners.

Integration with Xbox Ecosystem

The Xbox mobile game store will function as a significant part of the broader Xbox ecosystem, promising users a “true cross-platform gaming-centric mobile experience.” This will likely involve integration with existing Xbox libraries and support for popular features such as Microsoft Rewards and Xbox achievements.

Web Application Launch and Future Expectations

Interestingly, the store will initially launch as a web application instead of a traditional app. Bond explained that starting on the web will ensure accessibility across all devices and regions, regardless of closed ecosystem store policies. This approach mirrors the existing Xbox Cloud Gaming service accessible through mobile web browsers.

Despite aiming to compete with established platforms like the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, the success of the Xbox mobile game store without a dedicated app remains uncertain. However, recent regulatory changes in the EU have compelled Apple to consider allowing third-party app stores on iOS, potentially paving the way for a dedicated Xbox store in the future.

The appeal of popular titles like Candy Crush and Minecraft may entice fans to explore the new Xbox mobile game store, even without a standalone app presence.