Rap star Doja Cat says only “horrible and garbage” players use Fortnite’s most over-powered weapon

Doja Cat Slams “Horrible” Fortnite Players Over Chains of Hades Weapon

US rapper Doja Cat recently took to social media to express her frustration with Fortnite players who rely on the powerful Chains of Hades weapon in the game.

The Grammy Award-winning artist, known for hits like Say So and Kiss Me More, did not hold back in her criticism of the weapon, calling it “horrible” and “garbage.”

For those unfamiliar with the game, the Chains of Hades are a whip weapon with the ability to pull players towards you and deliver devastating close-range attacks. While effective in the right hands, many players find it frustrating to go up against.

Doja Cat’s social media posts included strong language, with one tweet stating: “If you’re horrible and garbage at Fortnite make sure you grab a Chains of Hades whip to pass the time. Dumb c****.”

She continued her rant by suggesting that Fortnite should remove the weapon altogether, indicating her displeasure with its impact on the game.

Even when a fan expressed their fondness for the Chains of Hades, Doja Cat stood her ground, responding with a blunt: “Because you’re terrible.”

Doja Cat’s Relationship with Fortnite

Despite her frustrations with the Chains of Hades, Doja Cat is no stranger to Fortnite. The artist has been known to stream her gameplay and has even been featured in the game through various emotes and skins.

Some of her songs, such as “Say So,” have been used in Fortnite emotes, and her influence can be felt in the Joy skin, which samples another Doja Cat track for its built-in emote.

Furthermore, Doja Cat references Fortnite in her own music, showcasing her connection to the game and its culture.

As Fortnite developer Epic Games faces legal challenges over its practices, including a recent fine from Dutch regulators, the game continues to be a hot topic in the gaming community.