How To Pause The Game Against Chronos In Hades 2

How to Pause Against Chronos in Hades 2

One of the most intriguing mechanics in Hades 2 is the inability to pause the game against Chronos. As the titan of time, it makes sense that he would control time and not allow players to take a breather during the battle. This unique feature adds to the overall memorable experience of the game, similar to iconic moments in other games like Metal Gear Solid.

To pause against Chronos, you will need the Power to Pause and Reflect incantation. In order to unlock this ability, you must attempt to pause the game at least once during your battle with Chronos. Additionally, you will need certain resources for this incantation, including:

  • Moly: This item can be found randomly on Erebus during your runs.
  • Zodiac Sand: Defeat Chronos three times to obtain this resource.

If you are having trouble defeating Chronos or have not figured out how to beat him yet, there are some workarounds you can try:

  • Use Bug Report: Press R3 or RS on your controller to pause the game and report a bug.
  • Change Tabs: Press Alt + Tab to switch tabs and pause the game.

These methods should help you pause the game against Chronos in Hades 2. If you need assistance in defeating the titan lord, consider checking out how to obtain Witch’s Delight, which allows you to bring an animal familiar into the fight.