Random: Another Banjo-Kazooie Funko Pop Is On The Horizon, But It’s Still Pretty Horrifying

If you think back to earlier this year, you may recall the GameStop-exclusive Banjo-Kazooie Funko Pop that caused quite a stir. With its characteristic big head and intense gaze, it was a classic Funko Pop design, but also a nod to the continued existence of the beloved Rare duo.

Recently, Funko unveiled yet another Banjo-Kazooie Pop figure. While the unsettling features remain — seriously, what tales do those eyes hold? — it’s still a new piece of Banjo merchandise!

Unlike the previous GameStop exclusive version, this latest Pop only showcases Banjo and Kazooie in an iconic thumbs-up pose. It ditches the background of the game cover seen on the previous version and opts for a smaller box to reflect this change.

The new Pop figure is featured on the Funko website with a ‘Coming Soon’ label, while the Amazon pre-order page in North America hints at a release date of August 14, 2024. Priced at $12.99 (or equivalent in other regions), this figure is a more affordable option compared to the previous GameStop model priced at $24.99.

Whether you love or hate Pop figures, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the adorable bear boy, so it’s reassuring to know he’s still around and active.

Maybe it’s time for a new game, right?