Mad Max Game Should Be Made by Hideo Kojima, Director Hints

Mad Max Game Deserves the Touch of Hideo Kojima, Says Franchise Director

During an event promoting Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, franchise director George Miller hinted that a Mad Max game would be best handled by someone like Hideo Kojima. Miller and Kojima engaged in a conversation at the event, sparking speculation among fans.

Mad Max Director’s Critique of the 2015 Game

Miller expressed his admiration for Kojima while also sharing his opinion on the 2015 Mad Max game. Developed by Avalanche Studios, the game received mixed reviews and was not well-received by Miller. He mentioned that he couldn’t handle the project himself and would prefer someone like Kojima to take it on.

This statement from Miller prompted a response from Christofer Sundberg, the founder of Avalanche Studios. Sundberg claimed that the studio was pushed to create a linear game, despite their expertise lying in open-world games. This conflict in vision led to a less-than-ideal outcome for the Mad Max game.