How To Unlock Titles In Anime Defenders

Unlocking and equipping Titles in Anime Defenders is a fun way to showcase your unique role in the game. While Titles may not provide any in-game advantages or boost your units, they add a layer of personalization to your gaming experience. Here is a complete guide on how to obtain and use Titles in Anime Defenders.

Obtaining Titles in Anime Defenders

To unlock and use the 11 available Titles in Anime Defenders, you must meet specific criteria for each one:

  • None – This Title is automatically equipped and available from the start.
  • VIP – Unlock this Title by purchasing the game’s VIP Gamepass.
  • Early Access – Play the game during its Early Access phase to obtain this Title.
  • Tester – Become a Tester for the game by checking the official channels like Twitter or Discord for opportunities.
  • CC – Obtain the Content Creator Title by creating content related to the game.

For the following Titles, you need to be directly involved in the game’s development:

  • Planner – Help plan features or updates for the game to earn this Title.
  • Staff – Obtain this Title by being a Staff member.
  • Admin – Become an Admin to unlock this Title.
  • Dev – If you are a developer of the game, the Developer Title is available to you.
  • Chai – This Title is granted to the Head Manager of Anime Defenders.
  • Owner – For those who are the Owners of the game, this Title is available.

Equipping Titles in Anime Defenders

  1. Launch Anime Defenders and click on the 3 dots next to the chat button.
  2. Then, click on the Titles button.
  3. A list of all titles will display.
  4. Click on the equip button next to the desired Title to equip it.

Follow the steps above to unlock and equip Titles in Anime Defenders. For more guides and tips on this game, be sure to check out the Units tier list, Codes, and how to use risky dice.