Nintendo Download: 30th May (North America)

Switch eShop Highlights

STAR WARS: Hunters (Zynga, 4th Jun, $0.00) – Engage in epic 4 vs. 4 battles as iconic characters from the Star Wars universe in this free-to-play arena shooter. Customize your Hunter with unique costumes and weapons to dominate the competition.

Switch eShop New Releases

A Cat & His Boy (RAWRLAB Games, 30th May, $2.99) – Step into the paws of Midnight, the mischievous cat, as you help your human friend navigate through challenges. Use your feline intuition to bring joy back into his life.

Animal Farm Jigsaw Games for Toddlers, Babies and Kids (McPeppergames, 28th May, $9.78) – Introduce young children to the world of farm animals through interactive jigsaw puzzles designed to enhance cognitive skills and coordination.

Arcade Archives LEGION (HAMSTER, 23rd May, $7.99) – Experience classic shooter action in this title where you control LEGION, an aircraft equipped with a powerful “TIME BOMB” weapon to defeat the Dark Empire.

BEASTWATCH: Meat & Mayhem (Somnambulist Games, 20th May, $11.99) – Immerse yourself in a macabre nightmare as a security guard at a shadowy slaughterhouse in this terrifying first-person shooter.

More Exciting Releases

  • Big Top Best Kids Games Bundle (McPeppergames, 28th May, $99.98) – Get 17 top titles and educational games for kids in one bundle at a great discount.
  • Burst Hero (Happy Player, 30th May, $11.99) – Dive into fast-paced battles with a variety of heroes, weapons, and challenges for a unique gameplay experience.
  • Capes (Daedalic Entertainment, 29th May, $39.99) – Build a team of superheroes and fight to reclaim a dystopian city in this turn-based strategy game.
  • Color Water Sort (QubicGames, 31st May, $4.99) – Test your puzzle-solving skills by arranging colored liquids to separate them into distinct tubes.

Explore these new releases and let us know which games you’re excited to download this week!