How to find Feilian Beringal Boss in Wuthering Waves

Feilian Beringal Boss Location in Wuthering Waves

Many bosses in Wuthering Waves can be hard to find as their map icons may not provide all the information needed. In this guide, we will show you how to locate the Feilian Beringal boss in Wuthering Waves.

You can find the boss by using the Data Bank in the Sierra Gale section of the Sonata Gallery. Another way to locate the boss is in the Dim Forest, south of the map, underneath the Giant Banyan tree. The challenge lies in the fact that the Feilian Beringal is hidden in a lair that is easy to overlook.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Travel to Resonance-Beacon I marked in the image above, and you will see a small cave right in front of you. Be cautious as the air in the cave is toxic, so you cannot stay there for long.

How to find Feilian Beringal Boss in Wuthering Waves

Although the cave may appear to be a dead end, there is a hidden passage at the back wall. Make your way to the back to uncover the hidden path.

How to find Feilian Beringal Boss in Wuthering Waves

Once you reach the wall, turn your camera to the right to find the entrance to Feilian Beringal’s lair. It’s easy to get lost in this area, so make sure to follow these directions carefully to avoid wasting time.

Why Should I Fight the Feilian Beringal Boss in Wuthering Waves?

If you are looking for specific items, like the Roaring Rock Fists needed to Ascend Jiyan, then you will need to defeat the Feilian Beringal. These items can only be obtained from this boss and cost 60 Waveplates each. If you have used up your allowance, you may need to wait for the next day to try again.

The boss battle against Feilian Beringal is quite straightforward, as it moves slowly and has a high health pool. It is recommended to approach the encounter patiently as rushing can lead to failure. Despite the challenges, defeating Feilian Beringal is worth it, as Jiyan is considered one of the top DPS units in the game.