This Klei alum is making a new city builder with a dream team of devs

Unique City Builder Game “Generation Exile” Offers Anti-Colonialist Twist

City builders are a dime a dozen on Steam these days, but Sonderlust Studios is taking a unique approach with their upcoming game, Generation Exile. Unlike traditional city builders that focus on endless extraction of resources, Generation Exile challenges players to utilize only the resources they brought with them from their old world on the last-ever generation ship. This includes water, food, and even air, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious gameplay experience.

Embracing Balance and Innovation

In an interview with Polygon, Nel Anderson, the creative director at Sonderlust, emphasized the importance of shifting the focus from endless growth to seeking balance within the game. Instead of mindlessly extracting raw materials, players will need to find innovative solutions like transforming biological waste into nutrients for food or bioplastics. The game also incorporates turn-based combat alongside traditional city building tasks.

Generation Exile features procedurally-generated characters and maps, ensuring that each playthrough offers a unique experience. Players will interact with the game world through their characters, who have reputations and personalized interactions with NPCs based on gameplay decisions.

Immersive Art Style and Sound Design

The early visuals of Generation Exile showcase a captivating art style inspired by fauvism, combining bold colors and simplified shapes to create a familiar yet mysterious world. The game features a modern UI that is user-friendly and visually appealing, setting it apart from other city builders.

Sound design is also a key aspect of the game, with Ben Prunty from Into the Breach collaborating with the audio team from Celeste, Power Up Audio, to create an immersive auditory experience.

Anticipated Release and Platform

While Generation Exile does not have a set release date yet, it is expected to launch on Steam and other platforms to be announced. With a talented team of developers and designers behind it, including industry veterans from games like Gone Home and Baldur’s Gate 3, Generation Exile promises to deliver a fresh and engaging city building experience for players.