How To Get Feces In Soulmask

How to Obtain Feces in Soulmask for Agricultural Purposes

Understanding the importance of various resources in Soulmask, including Feces, is crucial for maintaining a successful agricultural setup. While it may seem unconventional, Feces acts as a valuable fertilizer for your crops, ensuring a bountiful yield. Here are some methods to acquire Feces in Soulmask:

Soulmask How To Collect Feces From Outhouse
Image Credits: Quick Tips on YouTube. Build an outhouse and use it to get Feces in Soulmask.

To Obtain Feces: Feces can either be collected from animals or from Outhouses. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Building Outhouses: Constructing Outhouses is an efficient way to gather Feces quickly in the game.
    1. Reach Awareness Strength Level 15 to unlock the option.
    2. Access the Knowledge & Technology Tree.
    3. Move to the Bonfire Tab.
    4. In the Medium Building section, scroll down to find Outhouse under Furniture.
    5. The materials required to build an Outhouse include:
      • Hardwood Plank x10
      • Ceramic Mold x5
      • Thatch x39
    6. Once you have collected the necessary materials, craft the Outhouse in the Building Workshop.
    7. Place the Outhouse outside for easy access by you and your tribe.
    8. You can now regularly collect Feces from the Outhouse.
  • From Animals: Animals are another source of obtaining Feces in the game. You can get Feces from your mounts or by building farms for animals.

These methods provide insight into how you can acquire Feces in Soulmask. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our guides on fast traveling, relocating your base, transferring world saves, and gathering logs.