Acts, release dates, and Codename Frontiers

All Destiny 2 Episodes and their release dates

After the epic battle with the Witness in Destiny 2, guardians are left wondering what adventures await them next. The aftermath of the Witness fight has led to the emergence of three exciting Episodes, each with its own unique story and challenges. The Echoes, carrying their own power and consequences, have scattered throughout the system, setting the stage for new adventures.

Each Episode is scheduled to last 18 weeks, with the first one set to begin tomorrow. Let’s dive into the details of these upcoming Episodes and their release dates.

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The order in which the Episodes were revealed in “The Journey Beyond” showcase is likely the order in which they will be released. As we receive more information about each Episode, we will keep this guide updated. So, stay tuned for further updates!


In the Echoes Episode, guardians will witness the aftermath of an Echo falling on Nessus, causing significant changes to the planet. Working alongside Failsafe, players will battle against the Vex who have been displaying unusual and modified behaviors.

The first activity in Echoes, “Brief Executable,” is a three-player activity. More details about the entire composition of Echoes are yet to be revealed.

Echoes is scheduled to kick off on June 11th and will run until October 14th.


With the Fallen in search of a new home planet across the galaxy, they stumble upon an Awoken Watchtower. Fikrul gains control of an Echo’s powers to aid the Fallen, prompting guardians to take on the role of Slayer Baron to push back against this threat.

Destiny 2 Potion
Image: Bungie

Revenant will also introduce Potion Crafting, allowing players to directly buff player artifacts and increase the chances of finding specific loot.

The Revenant Episode is scheduled to commence on October 15th and will conclude on February 17th.


In the enigmatic Episode called Heresy, guardians will face the High Pantheon and confront a mysterious darkness that is stirring unknown forces. This journey will lead the guardians back to the Dreadnaught, unveiling new secrets and challenges.

The Heresy Episode is set to start on February 18th and will continue until June 23rd.

As more details about the Destiny 2 Episodes unravel, make sure to check back for the latest updates on these exciting adventures!

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