Best Destiny 2 Titan Prismatic builds: Aspects, Fragments, and abilities

Strand has always been my preferred Titan Subclass due to its power and simplicity. However, Prismatic may just change that. Discover the top Destiny 2 Titan Prismatic builds: Aspects, Fragments, and abilities.

Best PvE Prismatic Titan build in Destiny 2

Initially, I underestimated the Prismatic Subclass, assuming it lacked the survivability of the renowned Banner of War Titan. While that build remains effective, Prismatic Titans now have various ways to enhance their survivability.

This build embodies everything I look for in a Titan – immense damage reduction and a focus on close combat. Here’s how it operates:

Best Hunter’s Journal Artifact Perks for the Prismatic Titan

Within the Hunter’s Journal, there are some significant bonuses available for the Prismatic Titan. While you may not have immediate access to all of them, here are some recommended Perks to strive towards:

  • Radiant Orbs – Become Radiant when picking up an Orb of Power with a Solar or Prismatic Subclass.
  • Galvanic Armor – Reduce incoming damage while Amplified with an Arc or Prismatic Subclass.
  • Shieldcrush – Boost Melee and grenade recharge rate and damage while having specific shields or overshares.

Radiant Orbs and Galvanic Armor significantly enhance our survivability. Even though we do not utilize the Void subclass, our Prismatic Super, Twilight Arsenal, belongs to the Void category. Shieldcrush synergizes perfectly with our Super, providing exceptional resilience while active.

Best PvE Prismatic Titan Aspects and Fragments

Screenshot: PC Invasion

After experimenting with various Prismatic builds, I’ve found the most effective build for me, even when at a power level disadvantage:


  • Diamond Lance – Generate a Stasis Lance by defeating targets with Stasis abilities or weapons.
  • Knockout – Infuse your Melee with Arc energy by critically wounding a target. Enhanced Melee range and damage for a brief period.


  • Facet of Protection – Increased damage resistance when surrounded by enemies.
  • Facet of Purpose – Gain beneficial effects when picking up an Orb of Power based on your Super type.
  • Facet of Ruin – Enhance burst size and damage when shattering Stasis Crystals or Frozen Targets.
  • Facet of Dawn – Powered hits and final blows make you and allies Radiant.
  • Facet of Courage – Boost damage of Arc, Solar, and Void abilities against Darkness-debuffed opponents.

Knockout stands out as one of the most potent Aspects for the Prismatic Titan, offering a key avenue for survival. While Diamond Lance is my current choice, the build provides flexibility in this regard. Consecration is worth considering despite its occasional unreliability, especially when combined with Fragments for increased Radiance uptime.

Diamond Lance complements our Glacier Grenades well, which will be detailed later on.

Regarding Fragments, Facet of Protection is crucial for damage mitigation. Facet of Purpose synergizes with our Prismatic Super, providing a Void Overshield upon picking up Orbs of Power. Facet of Ruin remains a viable option for Stasis or Solar users, while Facet of Dawn enhances Radiance. Lastly, Facet of Courage amplifies Thunderclap damage against enemies affected by debuffs.

Now that we’ve covered Aspects and Fragments, let’s delve into the Abilities they complement.

Best PvE Prismatic Titan Abilities

Prism Super
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Super – Twilight Arsenal
  • Class Ability – Towering Barricade
  • Movement – Strafe Lift
  • Melee Ability – Thunderclap
  • Grenade – Glacier Grenade

Adjust your Class and Movement abilities based on your preferences, but the remaining three Abilities are integral to the build. The Prismatic Titan Super, Twilight Arsenal, excels in dealing damage and provides additional defense with the Void Overshield from Facet of Purpose.

Thunderclap serves as a potent melee ability, offering increased damage when charged. Paired with Facet of Dawn, charged Thunderclap punches frequently trigger Radiance. The Glacier Grenade contributes to filling the Darkness bar with Transcendence. Enhanced by the Fragment of Ruin, it synergizes well with the build, while Fragment of Courage boosts Thunderclap damage against frozen targets.

Best PvE Prismatic Titan Exotics and Mods

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Exotic Armor

  • Severance Enclosure – Unleash explosions with powered Melee Kills and finishers.


  • Appetence Trace Rifle
  • Verglas Curve Bow
  • Brigand’s Law Sidearm
  • Indebted Kindness Sidearm
  • Edge Transit Grenade Launcher
  • Dragon’s Breath Rocket Launcher

Armor Mods

  • Helmet – Heavy Ammo Finder x2
  • Gauntlets – Momentum Transfer x2, Heavy Handed x1
  • Chest – Arc Resistance, Void Resistance, Solar Resistance
  • Legs – Absolution, Innervation, Recuperation
  • Titan Mark – Reaper x1, Bomber x2

I prefer builds that do not restrict weapon choices, as Destiny 2 offers a wide array of legendary weapons. While I’ve suggested some weapons, this build operates seamlessly by emphasizing our Arc melee prowess. Consider synergies with Brigand’s Law and Indebted Kindness, which both benefit from Voltshot.

Although the Edge Transit may seem unconventional for an Arc and Stasis-focused build, it proves valuable during damage phases when equipped with specific perks.

Several Exotics could complement our Aspects and Fragments, but I recommend Severance Enclosure. This Exotic enhances Thunderclap damage, causing enemies to explode upon death.

Can I use this build in the Crucible?

As Prismatic builds function differently in PvP, the effectiveness may vary. Fragment mechanics differ between PvE and PvP, impacting their utility. While most aspects of this build should translate well to the Crucible, consider swapping your primary weapon for options like the Unending Tempest SMG with specific perks.

Ensure you have the necessary Exotic weapons for challenging Crucible encounters.