Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Arrives on July 18 – Learn More About the (Literally) Explosive Souls-lite

Hi there, I’m Simon Dasan, the Creative Director at A44, an indie studio hailing from New Zealand. In 2018, we introduced our debut game, Ashen. Today, I am thrilled to share that we have revealed the launch date for our upcoming action-packed souls-lite adventure, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. Get ready to embark on this exhilarating journey starting July 18, 2024! Flintlock will be arriving on Xbox Series X|S, with pre-orders now open and will also be accessible right away for Game Pass holders.

Flintlock is an electrifying action-RPG that builds upon the expertise and insight we gained from crafting Ashen. While still encompassing elements of the Souls genre, it injects a rapid mobility aspect, resulting in a rhythmic combat experience reminiscent of more action-oriented gameplay styles. You can seamlessly blend flintlock weapons, axe combat, and magic to string together combos, all while utilizing jumps and dodge abilities to swiftly maneuver to safety or launch attacks from above. This fusion of styles is what we refer to as Souls-lite!

The narrative of Flintlock unfolds in the realm of Kian, a decade after the Door to the Great Below was unlocked, unleashing the gods and their armies of the deceased. The regions of Kian are overwhelmed, and the Coalition Army finds itself entangled in a looming siege outside the walls of Dawn’s city. As the army dispatches its elite sapper troops to breach the walls with hopes of altering the course of the war, it becomes evident that they have ventured into forbidden territories.

By breaking through the walls, Nor Vanek, a specialist in Flintlock weaponry, and her fellow fighters unintentionally release Uru, the Guardian of the Door, unleashing a scourge that the gods and the dead have now unleashed on the surrounding lands. Only by joining forces with a fox-like creature, later revealed to be a God named Enki, can Nor seek retribution and salvation through a quest to annihilate all the Gods. The saying “the enemy of my enemy” takes on a whole new meaning…

While Flintlock provides enhanced combat mobility, mastering its intricacies will require significant practice. For those seeking a greater challenge, the game offers a Possessed difficulty mode with fiercer and more formidable foes. Ideal for those craving the ultimate test of skill or perhaps a second playthrough?

We are eagerly anticipating the moment when you can dive into Flintlock upon its release in July. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the dedicated Flintlock fans and look forward to witnessing each of you confront the malevolent Gods to liberate Kian from their clutches.

For those who wish to further personalize Nor’s appearance, a Deluxe Edition is also up for pre-order. This edition includes three alternative outfits for Nor – the Noble, Vanguard, and Champion outfits – along with a new customization set for your axe and pistol. Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn will be launching on Xbox Series X|S on July 18.