How To Increase Camp Comfort Level In Soulmask

Increasing Camp Comfort Level in Soulmask for Better Morale

Understanding how to improve your camp’s comfort level in Soulmask is essential for maintaining a productive tribe. When your tribespeople are happy and content, they work more efficiently, leading to faster progress and growth. Their mood directly impacts their productivity, so it’s crucial to ensure they are comfortable in their surroundings. Here are some tips and tricks to enhance their comfort and morale:

Make Improved Furniture

Creating high-quality furniture is a simple yet effective way to boost your camp’s comfort level. Utilize a Building Workshop to construct furniture using materials like Clay, Plank, Flint or Stone, and Thick Rope. Invest in items such as Beds, Armchairs, Double Beds, and Grass Mats to provide comfortable resting spots for your tribespeople.

Prepare a Variety of Food & Drinks

Just like in real life, NPCs in Soulmask have specific preferences when it comes to food and drinks. Cater to their tastes by offering a diverse range of food items and beverages. Experiment with different recipes to ensure your tribespeople have options that suit their preferences.

Add Important Buildings

Incorporate essential structures like an outhouse, Campfire, Well, and more to improve the overall functionality of your camp. These buildings not only provide convenience for your tribespeople but also offer additional benefits such as collecting fertilizer for your plants from feces.

Improve Base Structure for Spaciousness

Design your base layout in a way that promotes easy navigation for NPCs. Ensure that walls and structures are strategically placed to create a spacious environment where tribespeople can move around freely without obstacles.

By implementing these strategies, you can elevate the comfort level of your camp in Soulmask, resulting in improved morale among your tribespeople. For more tips and guides on optimizing your gameplay experience, explore additional features such as changing masks, assigning jobs, dancing, and taming animals like panthers.