Destiny 2’s post-Final Shape future includes vampire hunting and the Dreadnaught

About Destiny 2’s The Final Shape Expansion

With Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion now available, marking the conclusion of the ten-year Light and Darkness saga, developer Bungie is looking ahead to what’s next for its live-service shooter. The recent tease of the mysterious Codename: Frontiers, set to arrive next year, has sparked curiosity among fans.

The Future of Destiny 2 Content

Last August, Bungie announced a significant shift in the delivery of Destiny 2 content for 2024. Instead of the usual four Seasons per year, the plan is to introduce three content-packed Episodes, each consisting of standalone stories divided into three Acts lasting six weeks each.

The first Episode, Echoes, is set to launch on June 11th, continuing the storyline directly after The Final Shape. Players will explore Nessus, uncovering ancient secrets and facing a new mysterious enemy. Following Echoes will be Revenant, scheduled for release later this year, with a vampire-hunting theme where players take on the role of a Slayer Baron battling the Fallen. In addition to new story elements and quests, a potion crafting system for combat and loot potions will be introduced in all three Episodes.

Codename: Frontiers – A Glimpse Into the Future

Looking ahead to 2025, Destiny 2 players can anticipate a new and mysterious project from Bungie known only as Codename: Frontiers. While details remain scarce, the absence of a simple ‘more Episodes’ mention in the announcement has led to speculation that this could potentially be a new expansion, signaling the start of Destiny’s next major story arc.

While information about Codename: Frontiers may be limited for now, Bungie is focused on releasing the upcoming Episodes. All eyes are on Echoes to determine if the revised content delivery strategy for Destiny 2 is something to be excited about.