How to complete the Offering event in Destiny 2

What is the Offering event in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The Offering event is a key way to level up your Overthrow in the Pale Heart region of Destiny 2. To start the event, interact with one of the Offering chests, as shown in the image above. Once the event begins, follow the ball of light with a tail, moving in the direction it points. Another ball of light will appear, indicating a new direction to travel.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Continue following the light balls until you reach an orange target, as shown in the image above. Destroy the target to unlock the Offering chest and claim your reward. You’ll receive at least 250 points towards the Overthrow level in the area, along with a chance to earn an Epic rarity item.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you find the event confusing, backtrack to the previous ball of light and follow its direction closely. Unlike other events like Memory Visages, the Offering event is generally free from bugs and should work without any issues.

Is the Offering event worth doing in Destiny 2?

The Offering event is a quick and easy way to boost your Overthrow level in Destiny 2. It’s definitely worth doing as a solo player, as enemy resistance is manageable and the event is straightforward. While some events may require a team, the Offering event can be completed efficiently on your own.

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