Stellar Blade Update Adds New Outfits and More

Developer Shift Up Corporation Announces New Stellar Blade Update

Exciting news for Stellar Blade fans as developer Shift Up Corporation unveiled the latest update for the game on Tuesday. This new patch introduces two fresh outfits for Eve, along with other improvements such as easier hair customization.

What’s Included in the Stellar Blade Update?

Shift Up took to Twitter to share a sneak peek of what players can expect from the new Stellar Blade update. Although not a comprehensive list of patch notes, here is a summary of what the update brings:

  • Two new outfits have been added, including the FourSeconds Destroyed Denim.
  • Players now have a dedicated hair slot in the menu, allowing for hairstyle changes at any time.
  • A new option to toggle the “skip” UI for cutscenes.
  • Improved jump direction while swinging on the rope.
  • Accelerated scrolling through the end credits by holding the button.
  • Boss challenge progress now retains the costume changes.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Unlocking New Outfits in Stellar Blade

Upon downloading the latest update, players can acquire the FourSeconds Destroyed Denim outfit from Roxanne’s shop in Xion. This stylish ensemble features form-fitting jeans with ribbon accents, a revealing tube top, gloves, and high heels.

Additionally, by conquering the Raven Boss challenge on hard mode, players can unlock Eve’s newest Cyber Illusionist outfit. While this outfit is a variant of the Cyber Magician attire, the vibrant green coat and yellow accents provide a fresh look.

Moreover, players will appreciate the convenience of changing Eve’s hairstyle instantly, eliminating the need for salon visits. While some may argue the previous method was more immersive, the new feature offers a quicker and easier way to customize in-game hairstyles.