Walkthrough of the Sims 4 scenario – New in Town – Expert Game Reviews

I’m currently progressing through the third scenario designed for new players in The Sims 4. Previously, I covered the scenarios “Power Couple” and “Living in their Shadow”. This time, we’re exploring another beginner-friendly scenario called “New in Town”.

As usual, I’ve included a video with the narration of this post and a walkthrough of the scenario above.

Description and Terms of the New in Town Scenario

New in Town is a beginner-friendly scenario that serves as an introduction to the gameplay of The Sims 4 in an engaging manner. You’ll play as a pre-made character, Farrah Nouvel, and your goal is to complete the scenario, which offers five different endings.

Scenario description New in town

Farrah is depicted as a sociable young girl eager to connect with her neighbors and host an unforgettable party. However, the outcome of the party and the direction of the scenario’s ending depend on your decisions.

The scenario offers five possible endings:

  • Love at First Sight
  • Talk of the Town
  • Instant Friends
  • Great First Impression
  • Welcome Newcomer

While the exact path to each ending isn’t explicitly outlined, the choices you make throughout the scenario will lead you to one of these conclusions. Personally, I enjoy seeing all Sims happy and finding love, creating families, and nurturing relationships in The Sims 4.

The Beginning of the Scenario New in Town

Farrah’s journey commences in the city of your choosing—I opted for Oasis Springs. In this scenario, you’re restricted to playing as Farrah, a freelance worker whose job flexibility allows for efficient scenario completion.

The beginning of the scenario New in townThe beginning of the scenario New in town

One of the initial objectives encourages you to prepare for the upcoming party, setting the tone for your interactions with the neighborhood.

Here are some general tips to aid you in fostering relationships with other Sims:

  • Always remain friendly and approachable.
  • Engage with others when you’re in a positive mood to avoid making a negative impression.
  • Optimal moods for making new connections involve happiness and confidence.
Tips for communicating with SimsTips for communicating with Sims

Additionally, take advantage of dialogue options based on your mood and charisma skills to enhance relationships. Understanding your conversation partner’s preferences and engaging in activities together can further strengthen your ties.

Character traits to get closer to simsCharacter traits to get closer to sims

There are special character traits available for purchase that expedite the process of forming relationships in the game—consider traits like “Observant” and “Incredibly Friendly”. However, you’ll need to earn points through meeting Sims’ needs and pursuing their aspirations before acquiring these traits.

Plot Development in the Script “New in Town”

As the player, you wield the power to shape Farrah’s romantic destiny in the scenario. My goal was to orchestrate a love story between Farrah and Jonny Zest from the get-go. By aligning with my preference for cheerful Sims, I navigated the interactions to foster a mutual attraction between the characters.

From there, your journey involves exploring the neighborhood, building a romantic bond with Jonny, and determining the scenario’s outcome based on your choices.

Plot development in the scenario New in TownPlot development in the scenario New in Town

Personally, I made it a priority to nurture Farrah and Johnny Zest’s romance while also cultivating other relationships within the town. By engaging in activities that matched their personalities, the bond between Farrah and Johnny flourished.