A Deep Dive into the Supernatural Threats and Secrets of New World: Aeternum

Pursue Your Ambition

Embark on a journey to the mysterious island of Aeternum in New World: Aeternum, arriving on Xbox Series X|S on October 15. As you seek rumored treasures on this eternal isle, a shipwreck leaves you entangled in an endless loop of immortality surrounded by enigmatic beings drawn by the promise of riches.

Delve into the island’s harsh, supernatural rotation and shape your path to unveil the hidden truths behind Aeternum’s ceaseless conflicts in this captivating action-RPG unfolding in the twilight of the Age of Exploration.

Forge Your Story

Discover the mysteries of Aeternum as you venture through its unforgiving landscapes. From memory loss to mindless Corrupted entities and soulless Lost souls, the island holds many fates worse than death. Isabella’s quest for Azoth, the essence of magic in Aeternum, has unfortunately led her to succumb to the influence of the Corrupted, threatening to spread corruption beyond the island’s boundaries.

To halt her malevolent intentions, you must navigate the treacherous terrains and face varied enemies that lurk within Aeternum’s confines.

Carve Your Destiny

Unleash your potential in Aeternum, where power shifts constantly at the whims of different factions. Whether battling the Corrupted, engaging with the mysterious Lost, or clashing with rival factions, your journey unfolds after discovering a cryptic box amidst the wreckage of your vessel.

Align yourself with one of seven archetypes, each featuring unique weapon combinations, skills, and trade bonuses, to tailor your gameplay style. Explore the depths of the island through Trials, uncover its dark secrets in Expeditions, and confront otherworldly threats during seasonal events. Personalize your approach as you learn more about Aeternum’s haunting past.

Embrace new challenges, uncover untold secrets, and face looming dangers as you shape the narrative of your adventure in New World: Aeternum, available for pre-order now. Visit the New World: Aeternum website for additional details.