All items and modules in Murky Divers, explained

Murky Divers: A Detailed Overview of All Items and Modules

The vending machine in the co-op horror game Murky Divers offers a variety of items and modules that can greatly assist you during your dives. In this guide, we’ll delve into how each item and module functions in the game.


Glow Sticks$80Lights up the nearby area around you.
Oxygen Recharge$80Allows you to refill your oxygen without returning to the ship.
Laser Cutter$150Cuts through certain metals to open up new areas on dives.
Shopping Cart$200Can hold multiple items inside.
Taser Stick$300Stuns enemies briefly.

Among these tools, the Oxygen Recharge, Taser Stick, and Shopping Cart are especially valuable. The Oxygen Recharge eliminates the need to constantly return to the ship for more air, while the Taser Stick and Shopping Cart aid in survival and efficiency during dives.


Flashlight Module$100Provides an infinite flashlight to illuminate dark areas.
X-Ray Module$150Enables you to see through walls and locate friends easily.
Body-Parts Detector Module$130Helps spot body parts while diving.
Grappling Hook Module$200Allows you to use a grappling hook to retrieve items.
EMP Module$400Stuns enemies in the vicinity.

Once purchased, these Modules can be attached to yourself after using the shower in the game. I recommend starting with the Flashlight Module as it offers consistent lighting without running out of power. Additionally, consider the Body-Parts Detector Module to help collect corpses and the EMP Module to incapacitate aggressive creatures.

Station Upgrade CD$200Enhances any station on your ship.
Bribe Police$300Reduces one police star.

Both the Station Upgrade CD and Bribe Police items provide useful benefits when you have sufficient funds. The Station Upgrade CD improves various ship stations subtly yet effectively, while the Bribe Police option removes a star, aiding in evading law enforcement and potential arrest.