Better building, new weapons, and more

Mainframe Industries Unveils Ambitious Pax Dei Roadmap

Exploring the Pax Dei roadmap reveals the early stages of development the game is currently in. While it may not stand out from similar games yet, there are intriguing plans in place that could differentiate it from the rest.

Better Building

The primary focus for Mainframe Industries in the Pax Dei roadmap is enhancing the building systems. Despite the current beauty of the structures, there are limitations on what players can construct. The developers aim to expand the freedom players have in building, with upcoming features set to include:

  • Expanded building sets
  • Signs
  • Grapevine wall pieces
  • More furniture
  • Building and crafting balancing
  • Recipe tracking
  • Farming
  • Improved permissions

These improvements are crucial for empowering players to create diverse and vibrant communities within Pax Dei.

An Improved Society

Mainframe Industries is clear in their vision to build a game centered around community interaction. The Pax Dei roadmap outlines plans to establish an ecosystem and storyline driven by the player base, encompassing elements like wars, trading, and resource management.

  • Clan Tabbards
  • New roles (Knight, Soldier)
  • Market Stall
  • Gold Economy
  • Altars and miracles
  • Friends list

Encouraging players to collaborate, trade, and take on specialized roles within the game will be pivotal in creating a dynamic and engaging society in Pax Dei.

Combat and Adventure

The current alpha build of Pax Dei may lack engaging combat mechanics, but the developers are focused on revamping the PvE aspects to enhance player experience. Improvements to NPC behaviors, combat responsiveness, and the introduction of new weapons and spells are set to breathe new life into the game’s combat system.

  • New Spells and Gear
  • Improved combat mechanics
  • All new enemies
  • Crowd control and improved NPC behaviors
  • New lore
  • Weather systems

A Few Pax Dei Quality of Life Changes

While Pax Dei is still in its early stages, the roadmap includes minor adjustments to enhance player experience, such as implementing voice chat, controller support, and language localizations.

  • Voice Chat
  • G Force now utilization
  • Key remapping
  • Controller support
  • DE and FR Localization

Final Thought on the Pax Dei Roadmap

Although Pax Dei currently falls short in some areas, the ambitious plans outlined in the roadmap suggest a promising future for the game. By introducing an economy and role-based RPG elements, Mainframe Industries aims to foster a thriving community that engages in warfare, trade, and cooperation.

As the development progresses, it will be interesting to see how Pax Dei evolves and whether it can achieve a balanced and immersive gaming experience for players.

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