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Exploring the Top Swords in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Let’s delve into the realm of the best swords in KCD and discover how to obtain them. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, having the right weaponry is crucial for gaining an edge over your adversaries, alongside mastering combat techniques.

The video above showcases these magnificent swords and their locations within the game.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, your skill in combat often outweighs the significance of the sword you wield. Without proper swordsmanship, victory may elude you. However, armed with the best sword, adept at counterattacking, well-versed in the game mechanics, and equipped with suitable armor, you can overcome even formidable foes. Additionally, having a loyal canine companion that aids in battle can turn the tide against multiple adversaries at once.

As mentioned, the right sword can enhance your chances of success. Certain swords can mean survival in life-threatening situations if utilized effectively. Once you have honed your sword skills under the guidance of Captain Bernard, locating the best sword becomes a top priority.

Below, we highlight the swords worthy of your attention in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If you prefer a more casual approach to obtaining swords, looting fallen enemies might reveal a weapon superior to your current one.

Herod’s Sword

Herod’s Sword emerges as a dominant longsword early in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. While excelling in slash damage, it possesses decent durability and provides a charisma boost. Despite subpar stabbing capabilities, its extensive range and defense compensate for this shortfall.

How do I get the Herod’s Sword?

Acquire Herod’s Sword from the swordsman in Rathai or while embarking on the quest “An Oath is an Oath” later in the game. Though not the finest longsword, it serves its purpose until superior alternatives become available.

Noble Sword

The Noble Sword stands out as a balanced short sword in KCD, excelling in various combat scenarios. This sword delivers substantial damage through stabbing and slashing attacks, making it ideal for pairing with a shield. Though boasting a commendable charisma score, it may require frequent repairs due to limited durability.

How do I get the Noble Sword?

Obtain the Noble Sword by following Treasure Map XIII or winning the Rattay Tournament 26 times. Players with access to the Band of Bastards expansion can reclaim it from Sir Hagen Zoul. Additionally, it can be found in the Epilogue Camp Chest alongside St George’s Sword in the “What Price Honor?” quest.

Longinus’ Sword

Although not the premier longsword in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Longinus’ Sword proves valuable in mid-game stages. Requiring modest strength to wield, it inflicts significant impact damage with commendable range and defense capabilities. Easy to acquire and budget-friendly, Longinus’ Sword offers a reliable option.

How do I get the Longinus’ Sword?

How do I get the Longinus’ Sword

Longinus Sword can be obtained by defeating high-level bandits and soldiers or purchasing it from swordsmiths. Following Treasure Map XXIV or winning the Rattay Tournament 19 times are alternative methods. Watch out for its appearance in loot drops from formidable opponents.


Featuring exceptional defense and charisma attributes, the Stinger is a top-tier short sword in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. While it may lack in slashing power, its proficiency in stabbing damage makes it invaluable for combat. If short swords are your preference, the Stinger should not be overlooked.

How do I get the Stinger?

How do I get the Stinger

Procure the Stinger in Kingdom Come: Deliverance or discover it on the first Ancient Treasure Map. It can also be looted from specific enemies or earned by besting the Rattay Tourney 22 times. Keep an eye out for the Stinger in the possession of Wolflin of Kamberka during the “Robber Baron” sidequest.

St George’s Sword

As the finest longsword in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, St George’s Sword offers unparalleled stabbing and slashing damage. Boasting exceptional defense and charisma enhancements, this sword can dominate most adversaries if maintained properly.

How do I get the St George’s Sword?

How do I get the St George’s Sword

Locate the St George’s Sword in three different KCD locations. It can be obtained by stealing it from your camp’s chest in the epilogue task, winning the Rattay Tournament 25 times, or following Treasure Map VII. Bear in mind that wielding this sword effectively requires a strength level of 12.

This compilation concludes our examination of the top 5 swords in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Before investing in a premium weapon, ensure you have mastered its usage. In the brutal world of KCD, skill often makes the difference between life and death.

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