Acclaimed PS1 Hit ‘Fear Effect’ Is Coming To Switch In 2025

The Return of Fear Effect

After years of being lost to time, Kronos Digital Entertainment’s cult classic PlayStation game Fear Effect is finally making a comeback in 2025, and it’s headed to the Nintendo Switch.

Limited Run Games made the exciting announcement during their LRG3 2024 showcase, revealing that the 2000 action-adventure game with its distinctive cel-shaded visuals and motion video will be re-released. Teaming up with Square Enix, who acquired former publisher Eidos in 2009, the game will be available both physically and digitally.

In Fear Effect, players take on the roles of one of three mercenaries – Hana, Deke, or Glas – in the year 2050, where they are tasked with finding the missing daughter of a powerful Hong Kong Triad boss. What starts as a simple plan to kidnap the girl quickly spirals out of control.

The game’s title is a nod to the pulsating EKG ‘health bar’ that reflects the character’s heartbeat. If your character takes damage, you must calm them down to recover health. Various gameplay elements such as stealth kills, sneaking, and puzzles will also impact this mechanic.

Fear Effect holds a special place in the hearts of PlayStation fans, spawning a prequel titled Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix in 2001. Unfortunately, Kronos ceased operations shortly after the release of this game. The series’ third installment, Fear Effect Sedna, received mixed reviews due to its shift to an isometric perspective. A remake of the original game was in the works but was scrapped in 2023.

Your Thoughts?

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