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Mastering Development Points in Manor Lords

In the immersive strategic management simulation Manor Lords, the effective use of Development Points (DPs) is paramount to the success of your settlement. These points unlock advanced technologies and capabilities across various development trees, including Farming, Trade, Industry, and Gathering. Your task begins with a simple village, but through strategic DP management, you can transform it into a prosperous town.

Understanding the Role of Development Points

Development Points are closely tied to upgrading Burgage Plots, highlighting the importance of resource allocation and amenity provision. By customizing your points based on regional strengths and available resources, you can significantly shape the growth trajectory of your settlement from the early stages.

Why Early Game Development Points Matter

  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Early DPs like Forest Management optimize resource usage for initial growth.
  • Strategic Focus: Choosing DPs based on regional resources enables your village to leverage its natural advantages.
  • Technological Foundations: Certain advanced technologies require early DPs, adding depth to your planning process.

Strategic Selection of Technology Trees

As your settlement evolves, selecting the right development points from Farming, Trade, Industry, and Gathering becomes essential. By making informed decisions based on available resources, you can set your village up for success.

  • Industry and Gathering: Early investments in Charcoal Burning and Forest Management secure essential resources.
  • Farming: Technologies like Heavy Plow and Fertilization enhance agricultural efficiency.
  • Trade: Strategic trade development points drive economic progress by leveraging regional specialties.

Key Development Points to Prioritize

Forest Management

Effectively managing forest resources is crucial for your settlement’s early survival. by doubling berry deposits, Forest Management ensures a stable food supply for your population, especially during the initial phase of development.

Advanced Skinning

Unlocking Advanced Skinning through Trapping increases the meat yield from hunting expeditions, providing a valuable food source to support your settlement’s growth.

Optimizing Agricultural Efficiency

Heavy Plow

The Heavy Plow technology accelerates agricultural processes by utilizing oxen for plowing, ensuring efficient crop cultivation and setting the stage for further advancements in farming.


By converting fallow fields into pastures for sheep, Fertilization enhances soil fertility and crop yields, creating a sustainable agricultural cycle within your settlement.

Boosting Economic Efficiency with Industry

Charcoal Burning

Charcoal Burning enhances industrial capacity by providing a more efficient fuel source than raw firewood, leading to sustainable resource management and economic prosperity.


Strategic planning and allocation of Development Points are vital for the long-term success of your settlement in Manor Lords. By focusing on key technologies like Forest Management and Charcoal Burning early on, you can ensure the growth and prosperity of your village.

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