Best base location in Pax Dei

Choosing your optimal starting location

When embarking on your journey in Pax Dei, selecting the perfect spot for your initial base is crucial. Where you place your base can have a significant impact on your gameplay experience, from access to shared resources to potential alliances with other players. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when searching for the ideal location in Pax Dei.

Resource proximity

One of the first things to prioritize when establishing your Pax Dei base is the proximity to vital resources. Nothing is more frustrating than having to travel long distances to gather essential materials. Look for an area on the map that is near a mine, marked by small rock symbols, and ensure there is a nearby forest. This strategic placement will provide you with a steady supply of resources to support your progress in the game.

Image: YouTube Jay Oddity

As you advance in Pax Dei, you will require higher-level resources. It is essential to choose a location that offers access to these advanced materials to support your continued growth in the game.

Avoiding enemy hotspots

Be mindful of areas on the map that are populated with higher-level enemies, such as caves or enemy camps. Setting up your base near these locations can lead to frequent attacks and disruptions to your gameplay. Stay clear of these enemy hotspots to ensure a more peaceful and productive gaming experience.

Strength in numbers

Consider teaming up with other players early on to form alliances and expand your territory in Pax Dei. By connecting your base to allies, you can increase your land area and benefit from mutual protection. Building a network of allies not only enhances your base’s defenses but also fosters a sense of community within the game.

Pax Dei Building
Image: Mainframe Industries

Creating a collaborative base village with allies can lead to the development of impressive structures and a more robust gameplay experience. Embrace the strength in numbers and strategic alliances to thrive in the world of Pax Dei.

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