Dragon Age: The Veilguard’s Leads On The Name Change And Solas’ Role In The Story

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Years ago, BioWare announced the next installment in the Dragon Age series under the working title Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. However, as the game nears its fall 2024 release, the developer revealed a new name – Dragon Age: The Veilguard. Game Informer had the opportunity to visit BioWare’s Edmonton office for an exclusive look at the game for our Dragon Age: The Veilguard cover story, where the name change was unveiled.

Insights From BioWare’s Leads

During our visit, we spoke with the key figures behind The Veilguard to understand the reasoning behind the name change.

BioWare’s Leads On Changing The Name To Dragon Age: The Veilguard

Veilguard game director Corinne Busche: Shared that the decision to change the name stemmed from the focus on the diverse companions in the game, highlighting the importance of authentic experiences.

Veilguard creative director John Epler: Emphasized the shift towards focusing on the team dynamic rather than a specific individual, reflecting the essence of the game.

BioWare general manager Gary McKay: Acknowledged the pivotal role of companions in the game’s narrative and gameplay, leading to the choice of the new title.

Former Dragon Age executive producer and Veilguard consultant Mark Darrah: Supported the name change as a mature decision that aligns with the evolving vision of the game.

The Evolving Narrative of Solas

Dragon Age: The Veilguard Dreadwolf Game Informer Cover Story

Despite the absence of Solas from the game’s title, developers assure players that the Elven God’s narrative continues to play a significant role in The Veilguard, offering a nuanced perspective on the character.

Epler explained that Solas is not a straightforward villain but a complex figure with his motivations, allowing for a deeper exploration of his character throughout the game.

The Veilguard Prologue

In the game’s prologue, players witness the aftermath of Solas’ actions as they navigate the consequences of his attempt to breach the Veil. This sets the stage for an engaging narrative where players must navigate alliances and conflicts with Solas.

Epler highlighted the importance of player choices in shaping the relationship between Rook, the player-controlled character, and Solas, offering a dynamic and evolving narrative.

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