How to learn Martial Arts from Dryleaf Dane

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Monk’s Missive Guide

Discover the world of Elden Ring beyond just using weapons with the introduction of Martial Arts in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. Embrace Hand-to-Hand combat as you challenge daunting bosses with your bare fists.

Where to Find Dryleaf Dane in Elden Ring SotE

After conquering Castle Ensis and defeating Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, venture into a new region in the Land of Shadow where you’ll encounter familiar faces near the Highroad Cross. Keep an eye out for a note called Monk’s Missive near the Highroad Cross, which will set you on a quest to unlock Hand-to-Hand abilities.

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Make your way to Moorth Ruins to locate Dryleaf Dane, who is situated to the east of the Highroad Cross. Approach him at the Miquella Cross near the ruins entrance to embark on a new level of combat proficiency.

How to Unlock Hand-to-Hand Weapons in Elden Ring SotE

Dryleaf Dane holds the key to mastering Hand-to-Hand arts in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. By following the guidance in the Monk’s Missive, challenge him to a bout by performing the May the Best Win gesture. Engage in a thrilling battle against him to obtain the valuable Dryleaf Arts weapon and Dane’s Hat.

Elden Ring Dryleaf Dane Emote
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How to Beat Dryleaf Dane in Elden Ring SotE

Prepare to face Dryleaf Dane and his lightning-fast Dryleaf Arts in an intense Hand-to-Hand combat showdown. Stay on the offensive to keep him staggered and prevent him from overwhelming you with his flurry of attacks. Whether you choose a ranged or shield-based strategy, remember to focus on breaking his guard to emerge victorious.

Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Dryleaf Dane Boss
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Don’t lose heart if you falter in your first attempt. With a Site of Grace conveniently located nearby, you can hone your skills and challenge Dryleaf Dane repeatedly until you emerge triumphant. Acquire his Dryleaf Arts and Dane’s Hat as tokens of your victory, paving the way for mastering various Hand-to-Hand combat styles throughout the Land of Shadow.