American Truck Simulator circles Iowa on the map as its next DLC destination

A New Adventure Awaits American Truck Simulator Players in Iowa

A little over a month after the Nebraska DLC launch, American Truck Simulator enthusiasts can gear up for a new journey as SCS Software teases the upcoming Iowa expansion. Known as the Corn State or the Hawkeye State, Iowa is set to be the next destination in the popular vehicular simulation game.

Expanding Horizons

Since its inception in 2016, American Truck Simulator has been steadily expanding its virtual map through various DLC releases. Players have traversed through states like California, Nevada, Oregon, and more, with Iowa being the latest addition in the pipeline. While Arkansas and Missouri are on the horizon, Iowa promises picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities for gamers to explore.

A work-in-progress screenshot from American Truck Simulator’s Iowa DLC. | Image credit: SCS Software

Discovering Iowa

Describing Iowa as a blend of natural beauty and rich heritage, SCS Software invites players to uncover unique landmarks in the Hawkeye State. Whether it’s exploring rural towns or vibrant cities, there’s plenty to see and experience in this upcoming DLC. Expect more details about the in-game representation of Iowa, including towns along the Mississippi river and iconic locations like Des Moines.

As the release timeline remains uncertain with Arkansas and Missouri yet to debut, American Truck Simulator fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to hit the road in Iowa. With each DLC adding new layers of realism and excitement, the game continues to captivate players with its immersive trucking experience.