XDefiant Announces Ranked Mode, Progression Changes

Changes Announced for XDefiant Progression

After receiving feedback from players, Mark Rubin, the executive producer of XDefiant, has revealed some upcoming changes to improve the progression system. Additionally, he shared plans to implement ranked play in the first season of Ubisoft’s popular crossover FPS.

Updates to Address Player Concerns

A significant number of XDefiant players expressed their dissatisfaction with recent adjustments that made the process of earning Weapon Mastery skins more time-consuming. In response to this feedback, the development team has decided to reduce the XP required for players to advance to the next level from 30,000 to 15,000. Rubin clarified that while the levels needed to unlock mastery skins will remain unchanged, the overall effect of this adjustment will revert the previous change while preserving the 14% speed increase. Moreover, players will witness their levels retroactively adjusted once the new modifications are implemented. Although Rubin did not provide a specific timeline for this update, he assured players that it would occur “very soon.”

Rubin further elaborated on how XDefiant found itself in this predicament. He acknowledged that the primary grind in the game currently revolves around Weapon Mastery. Ubisoft is actively working to alter this situation, with ranked play being one method they are exploring. Additionally, the studio is developing alternative ways for players to earn rewards, which will be introduced in forthcoming updates.

For now, Weapon Mastery remains the core component that keeps players engaged with XDefiant. Initially, Ubisoft San Francisco was concerned that players were progressing through this feature too rapidly and attempted to slow down the pace. However, Rubin admitted that this approach was a misstep, and the studio now recognizes the need to address this concern.